Signer Spotlight - November 2017

This month we are previewing some quotes from Compact-signing CEOs that will be featured in our 2017 Boston Women's Workforce Council Report! Thank you to these CEOs, and to all the leaders who are part of the 100% Talent Compact!

Addie Swartz.jpg


MA has the opportunity to start thinking differently about women -- and recognize their incredible value to long-term business success at every age and stage. We need to throw away our assumptions and create more established and systematic pathways for women to both off-ramp as well as on-ramp back into the workforce, with compensation keyed to performance vs. driven by gender.

Addie Swartz, CEO, reacHIRE

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Harvard Pilgrim is proud to be part of the Boston 100% Talent Compact and supporter of the Boston Women’s Workforce Council. An essential part of our corporate identity and inclusion business strategy is to ensure our workforce is both equitable and diverse to best reflect and meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Eric Schultz, CEO, Harvard Pilgrim

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At Shawmut, we are committed to building a diverse, talent-driven workplace of incredibly engaged employees. We provide industry-leading client service by making sure our employees feel their best while at work, and Diversity & Inclusion, respect, empowerment and pay equity are fundamental to create this culture.

Les Hiscoe, CEO, Shawmut Design & Construction

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Research clearly shows that diversity in management results in companies that perform better. With this business case for having women in leadership positions, closing the wage gap becomes critical for keeping women in the workforce and available for leadership! Signing the 100% Talent Compact reinforces that this is an important issue to Nitsch Engineering, and allows us to be a part of the solution.

Lisa Brothers, CEO, Nitsch Engineering

Robin Antonellis.jpg

Knowing Massachusetts is first to the table with its Massachusetts Pay Equity Law, organizations can use the opportunity to educate leaders about your own ‘gender gap’ and ensure that self-evaluation becomes routine. Pay transparency IS the business case we all need to begin closing the gap.


Robin Antonellis, Senior Director of Compensation and Benefits, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Susan Cicco MassMutual

While great strides have been made when it comes gender equality, we recognize that there is still much work to be done. Signing on to The Boston Women’s Compact is a demonstration of MassMutual’s commitment to closing the gender wage gap, advancing diversity and inclusion and ensuring we do what’s right for our customers, our workforce, and our communities. We firmly believe fostering an inclusive work environment and investing in female talent makes us a stronger, more innovative company.

Susan Cicco, Chief Human Resources Officer & Head of Strategic Communications, MassMutual

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Honoring, supporting and rewarding our women and minorities across the whole pipeline from entry-level to the C-Suite must be a conscious, intentional and actionable commitment from all of us.

Sandra Fenwick, CEO, Boston Children's Hospital

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