Women in Lending Industry: Right and Gender Equality 


Latoria Williams is an expert on gender, communication, and lending strategies. She also has a Master's in Social Science and Lending Management. She tries to change mentalities through her activity, promoting gender equality in the lending industry. Latoria Williams held a conference on fighting stereotypes and what obstacles women who want to assert themselves in the lending industry face.

Conference Summary

In the US, 52% of the population are women. However, their presence in the lending industry is only 20%. How can this disproportion be explained? One reason would be the stereotyped education, lasting for hundreds of years. Girls were tasked with being caring mothers and wives, good housewives, and this formed the perception that the woman's place is in the pan. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. When do you learn to be a good driver? When you get behind the wheel. Precisely the same withholding positions. Becoming a good lending expert is an easy mission in 2022. That is why we motivate them to go into the lending industry. Because they were not taught from a young age what power means, they did not develop a sense of state dignity for a leadership position.

So, the problem is not only in the society that does not yet accept women in leadership but also in women who do not see themselves in management positions.

The problem is in the education given to girls. Let's take the example of stories. They, in her opinion, distort the perception of real life. We lie to the girls, to whom we promise, through the stories, that they will be princesses. If in the story, the woman is first Cinderella and then, after her marriage to the prince, she becomes a princess, then, in reality, it is precisely the opposite. First, the little girl is a princess who educates and loves her. Then, after she gets married, she becomes Cinderella. Hence the disappointments, the inferiority complexes, the limitation of sitting between four walls and being "just a housewife.”

Gender Equality Acceptance

If we limit ourselves to educating citizens by organizing training, seminars, debates, we will produce changes, but not as fast as we would like. With several women in lending leadership positions, decision-making would facilitate the process. When they see women in influential positions, who work no worse than a man, people are convinced that women can also face the challenges. It would be easier to vote for such women. But it will take longer.